The Next Flight of the Passenger Pigeon: Engineering Nature's Engineers

The Next Flight of the Passenger Pigeon: Engineering Nature's Engineers

Ben Novak

September 27, 02016

Scientist Ben Novak discussed his work for Long Now's Revive & Restore project as lead researcher in the effort to bring back the passenger pigeon from extinction. Ben works at the forefront of de-extinction efforts. He discussed the foundations of the project, the progress made in the last 3 years, and the future steps that are needed to see passenger pigeons in the skies once again.

Revive & Restore is a project initiated by Long Now to help coordinate the efforts of molecular biologists and conservation biologists around the world. Its goal is to assure that genomic conservation can proceed via the best current science with public transparency to enhance biodiversity and ecological health worldwide.

The Great Passenger Pigeon Comeback is the flagship project of Revive & Restore’s de-extinction and genetic rescue efforts. Initiated in 02012, this project is the reason Revive & Restore took form. The project has evolved from the drawing board to a working collaboration of diverse partners and advisors united to change the future of conservation. Revive & Restore co-founders Stewart Brand and Ryan Phelan joined Novak onstage to take questions from the audience.

A now extinct bird that once flocked in the billions, a casualty of industrialization, can be revived. Ben Novak, lead scientist of Revive & Restore's Passenger Pigeon Comeback discussed his work to return a species to the skies, sharing the latest developments and a broad overview of the process of genetic rescue and de-extinction.

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