Thinking Long-term About the Evolving Global Challenge

Thinking Long-term About the Evolving Global Challenge

The Refugee Reality

February 23, 02016

With a complex and truly global problem like this, we can only scratch the surface in an hour. But we hoped to reframe some aspects and include perspectives not always heard. What's certain is this is a long-term problem that has been ongoing and looks likely to worsen due to both environmental and political displacements.

Our speakers and guests in order of appearance:

  • Hugh Bosely: executive director, ReBootKamp (
  • Beverly Crawford: professor emerita of political science, UC Berkeley
  • Natasha Iskander: associate professor of public policy NYU / CASBS at Stanford
  • Sergio Medina: Refugee and Immigrant Services (RISE) (
  • Peter Transburg: Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (
  • Raman Osman: Kurdish musician, speaks and performs on the tanbur

"Refugee" is a recent term with legal distinctions, while those displaced within their own countries are often left out of the accounting. With a long-term view we look at ancient Athens and 19th century Manhattan for a bigger picture on a broader timescale of people moving within and across borders. We also get first-hand reports from Turkey and perspective on other migration realities besides those fleeing Syria. Finally Raman, a Kurdish refugee from Syria, tells his story and plays some of his original music on tanbur.

Millions are migrating under duress. Refugee camps the size of cities have persisted for decades. Real dangers and sensationalized fear drive short term news cycles. In a special panel discussion hosted by Long Now academics and on the ground non-profits discuss global migration, the refugee reality, and ideas for the future. From February 02016.

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