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Best San Francisco Staycation Spots: Where To Eat, Drink & Relax

August 14, 02019 | Patch

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Check out Interval, the laid-back, sophisticated Fort Mason bar.

The 34 Best Cocktail Bars In SF 02019

June 20, 02019 | SFist

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Tucked in a 1930s-era building toward the back of Fort Mason, The Interval is basically where the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen would hang out were they called to present-day San Francisco.

21 ways to have a perfect day in San Francisco

February 14, 02019 | National Journal's Technology Daily

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Contemplate a calming long-term mindset while sipping an artisan coffee or cocktail amidst mesmerizing mechanical prototypes.

Behind The Bar At The Interval

January 18, 02019 | Patch

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The Interval, a bar known for its constantly-transforming atmosphere and mouthwatering craft cocktails

The 150 Best Bars in America for 2019

January 3, 02019 |

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There is no other bar like The Interval. The Interval uses the evolution of cocktails to explore its ever-changing relationship to the world around us.

The San Francisco Day Drinking Guide

December 18, 02018 | The Infatuation

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The Interval is one of SF’s more unusual bars, and will instantly impress anyone you take simply by showing them you know it exists.

Top 9 San Francisco Cocktail Bars

October 12, 02018 | tripsavvy

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Tucked away in the Fort Mason Center, you can enjoy this spot by day with a coffee ... or by night with a very lengthy cocktail list that will soothe any craving.

48 Hours in San Francisco

October 3, 02018 | tripsavvy

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Treat yourself to a drink at The Interval at Fort Mason. Part bar, part café, and part museum, this space plays with your perceptions and serves up some killer cocktails.

27 San Francisco Coffee Shops You’ll Instantly Fall in Love With

October 1, 02018 | Fitt

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Start your Sunday morning with a coffee from The Interval at Long Now before hitting up the Fort Mason Farmers Market in the Marina. They’re also a great option for an intimate coffee date spot if that’s your thing.

The Big Drink: 50 Most Iconic Cocktails in San Francisco

August 14, 02018 | 7x7

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The Navy Gimlet is one of the Most Iconic Cocktails in San Francisco

Blockchain Rattles Big Tech: Brian Behlendorf Maps the Future

August 5, 02018 | Smart Up

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The setting was a packed house at The Interval, the hip, tech- and art-inspired salon, home to The Long Now, with luminaries like Kevin Kelly, Howard Rheingold, and Stewart Brand in the audience.

The Best Date Spots in Cow Hollow and the Marina

July 28, 02018 | Eater San Francisco

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First Date Drinks: There is a lot at this intense cocktail bar to distract if needed: artifacts to look at, historical explanations to read, a 34-drink-long list to choose from. No matter which beverage you choose, the drinks are good, the vibes are relaxed, and there's some food to snack on.

The Hidden Gems of San Francisco

July 16, 02018 | Jetline Cruise

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Museums and bars are certainly two of the most desired destinations for many travelers visiting a new city, so how about an attraction that combines them both?

SF’s Interval puts the fern bar on a cocktail menu

June 20, 02018 | San Francisco Chronicle

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The Interval’s fern bar drinks wink and teach, instructing and delighting. And maybe that’s what defines the Interval as a bar.

Cocktails at The Fort : The Interval at The Long Now

April 25, 02018 | Limitless San Francisco

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The Interval looks like a steampunk laboratory crossed with a modern, minimalist library.

Ten Brandy Cocktails to Drink in the Bay Area

April 2, 02018 | San Francisco Magazine

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I’ve Grown to Love Life Too Much - One of several brandy cocktails on the menu at the combination think tank and coffee-cocktail bar at Fort Mason, inspired by a scene in The Brothers Karamazov and tastes like a chocolate-covered pear with bubbles on the side.

The 15 Most Freelancer-Friendly Coffee Spots in San Francisco

March 8, 02018 | Commerical Cafe

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More than a mere coffee shop, The Interval at Long Now is an intriguing mix of a bar, a café, a library, and a museum, that has the ideal ambiance for a quiet and highly productive work session.

The Best Bars For First Dates In SF

January 1, 02018 | The Infatuation

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The Interval is one of the more unique bars in San Francisco, and the fact that you even know it exists will probably impress your date. Good for an early evening cocktail and a walk along the water towards the bridge.

Do Robots Have a Job at the Cocktail Bar?

October 18, 02017 | Imbibe Magazine

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The Interval is a showcase of gadgets and technology like a prototype for the 10,000-year clock and a digital painting that functions on an algorithm to constantly evolve through a myriad of designs.

The Interval

October 13, 02017 | Wallpaper* City Guide

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The thick cocktail menu is a historical study into mixology, each page a genealogy of a certain drink, or themed, like a collection of concoctions...

Unconventional Wi-Fi Spots to Make Working Remotely Way More Enjoyable

August 29, 02017 | SF Station

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This acclaimed bar sits inside a refreshingly bright space with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves...

14 of The Bay Area’s Quirkiest Museums

June 23, 02017 | McGuire Real Estate

[ Read More ] can engage in Salon Talks, examine mechanical wonders and taste some of the best-crafted drinks in the city!

The 23 Best Cocktail Bars In SF

June 2, 02017 | SFist

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The Interval is basically where the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen would hang out were they called to present-day San Francisco.

Best Spots for a Tinder First Date in San Francisco

February 20, 02017 |

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My first choice would be The Interval. Located in a beautiful non-profit space in Fort Mason, The Interval has quality brews and fancy teas, plus, if it goes well you can parlay it into drinks!

Drink This Now—The 10 Best Mocktails in San Francisco

February 17, 02017 | Black Board Eats

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Award-winning bartender Jennifer Colliau has come up with several tempting zero-proof options

The Best Date Spots in San Francisco

February 2, 02017 | Jetset Christina

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Hidden within Fort Mason, The Interval is one of the most unique coffeeshops in San Francisco that your date has probably never heard of.

Northern California’s Great Vermouth Awakening

January 13, 02017 | San Francisco Chronicle

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Drink Here Now 2017

January 1, 02017 |

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Unique to San Francisco or any city, complete with salon talks and a library to restart civilization.

Robots Invade Restaurant Operations

August 16, 02016 | Restaurant Buisness

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The Interval at Long Now

August 1, 02016 |

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Yes, it’s a bar, but it has some of the best coffee in the Marina.

The Best Date Spots in Cow Hollow and the Marina

July 28, 02016 | Eater San Francisco

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No matter which beverage you choose, the drinks are good, the vibes are relaxed, and there's some food to snack on.

Every Important SF Cocktail Bar, Mapped

July 14, 02016 | Eater San Francisco

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By far one of the most interesting cocktail bars in San Francisco, The Interval is part museum, part cafe, part (best part!) cocktail bar.

The Best Cocktail Bars in San Francisco

July 1, 02016 | Thrillist

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The 23 Essential San Francisco Bars

June 28, 02016 |

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The pioneering Long Now Salon has one of the coolest bars in this—or any—city, complete with salon talks and a library that could restart a civilization.

The Secrets Behind San Francisco's Mechanical Cafe

June 13, 02016 | Dot & Bo

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Our goal was for the historic space and projects of the organization to drive the aesthetic

The 13 Best Drinking Neighborhoods in San Francisco, Ranked

April 29, 02016 | Thrillist

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The Interval is hands down one of the best cocktail bars in the country.

San Francisco City and Bar Guide

April 1, 02016 | Difford's Guide

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Perhaps the most intelligent bar in San Francisco with science, free thinking and conversation something of a theme.

Isabella Kirkland and the Glories of the Shell-less Mollusk

March 29, 02016 | San Francisco Chronicle

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Kirkland’s talk was one of a series at the Interval at Fort Mason Center, downstairs from headquarters of the Long Now Foundation

Viertel Vor Mammut

February 1, 02016 | Business Punk

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Meet Otto, The Drawing Robot

January 22, 02016 | Fusion

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The robot is installed as an art exhibit at The Interval, a cafe in San Francisco.

The Interval at Long Now

January 1, 02016 | Zagat

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The modern space boasts Golden Gate Bridge views, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, thought-provoking art and an intimate front bar and lounge area.

A Romp Through The Cocktail Renaissance With Paul Clarke

December 11, 02015 | The Culture Trip

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I’ll head for The Interval at Long Now for some of the most serious (yet fun and refreshing) cocktails in the city.

The 19 Coolest New Businesses in San Francisco

November 3, 02015 | Business Insider

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The space is steps from the water with views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.

At the Long Now's Interval Cafe, You Sip Coffee and Ponder the Year 10,000

September 25, 02015 | Inverse

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The Long Now is about stretching time, about making the now long.

The 21 Best Cocktail Bars in America

August 23, 02015 | Thrillist

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Each of these drinks is impeccable and comes backed by full character development.

Library of the Future: Learning with the Long Now Foundation

July 1, 02015 | American Libraries

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Multifaceted Stewart Brand Wants to Alter Our Perception of Time and the Universe

March 19, 02015 | Concord Monitor

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We entered and grew wide­eyed. What manner of space­age place was this?

What Books Could Be Used to Rebuild Civilization?

February 18, 02015 | Open Culture

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The Manual for Civilization, aims to compile a collection of 3,500 books in the Foundation’s physical space—books deemed most likely to “sustain or rebuild civilization.”

Raising the Bar: Because We Can's Fantastic Social Space for the Long Now Foundation

February 16, 02015 | Core77

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An amazing combination bar/café/library/conversation space and event space with so many layers that it's difficult to know where to start

A San Francisco Bar Meant to Last 10,000 Years

December 8, 02014 | Punch

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Drinkers are provided with enough lore that each cocktail feels rooted within its own narrative journey.

Peek Inside a Cocktail Archaeologist’s Wild New Bar

November 25, 02014 | Wired

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Jennifer Colliau brings cocktails back from the dead.

The 21 Best New Bars in America

November 23, 02014 | Thrillist

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Where to Eat & Drink in the SF Bay Area

October 15, 02014 | Wine & Spirits

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Insider Guides: The Interval

October 1, 02014 | Sunset

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This cafe-bar may sound mildly out of place in theory, but it’s perfectly delightful in practice.

The Thinking Person’s Bar is Realized at The Interval

September 25, 02014 | 7x7

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Why one organization is building a clock that will tick for 10,000 years

September 2, 02014 | Vox

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Mr. Science

September 1, 02014 | Sunset

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San Francisco's most unusual watering hole, where cocktails and enlightenment mix

Inside The World's Most Intriguing (And Probably Only) Futurist Bar

August 22, 02014 | Fast Company

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...a combination bar, coffee shop, museum, presentation space, and office, complete with Brian Eno artwork and a chalkboard-writing robot.

The Interval

August 14, 02014 | SF Gate

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...the drinks are some of the most finessed in town.

A Moment in Time

August 1, 02014 | Bar Business

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One of the most forward-thinking, high-brow watering holes you'll ever step foot in.

A Café Designed for Silicon Valley’s Elite Futurists

July 11, 02014 | Wired

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...equal parts salon, bar, restaurant, and museum where one can ponder the fragility of human civilization over a cappuccino.

Step Into The Interval, Fort Mason's Stunning New Techno-Bar and Cafe

June 13, 02014 | Eater San Francisco

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Teetotalers can enjoy a selection of booze-free cocktails, as well as the coffee and tea that are served during the space's daytime hours.

Now Booking: A Techno-Utopian Bar in San Francisco for Those Who Like to Think While They Drink

June 12, 02014 | New York Times

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A Techno-Utopian Bar in San Francisco for Those Who Like to Think While They Drink

First Look: The Interval Bar & Long Now Salon

June 11, 02014 | Zagat

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You feel intellectually stimulated just walking into the space.

Drink to the Future: Awesome Bar, Epic Library

June 1, 02014 | Wired

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New SF Bar Interval at The Long Now to Focus on ‘Time’ When It Comes to Drinking

May 18, 02014 | SF Examiner

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...a rich sense of cocktail traditions and history, and a scientific sensibility to the process of crafting drinks.

Stewart Brand’s Reading List: 76 Books to Sustain and Rebuild Humanity

March 7, 02014 | Brain Pickings

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San Francisco to be Home for “Manual for Civilization”

February 5, 02014 | KRON-TV

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Jennifer Colliau discusses the forthcoming Long Now Salon in Fort Mason

December 5, 02013 | SF Gate

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Jennifer Colliau to Run Bar Program at the Long Now Foundation Salon

December 3, 02013 | Alcademics

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Long Now Kickstarting for a Bar/Tea Salon

June 25, 02013 | Eater San Francisco

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