Beverages through time

Each section of The Interval menu is a chapter in cocktail history with a story for every drink. Variations on classics like the Martini and Daisy, pre-crafted cocktails poured from the tap, drinks from around the world, and more. Plus delicious low & no-alcohol options, fine coffee and teas, and some amazing bar snacks.

Picture of Jennifer

Jennifer Colliau

Beverage Director

An award-winning bartender and sought after authority on classic cocktails and contemporary mixology, Jennifer has been a bartender and bar consultant for nearly two decades in the San Francisco and LA areas. She founded Small Hand Foods to revive century-old cocktail ingredients, and now makes a line of hand-crafted bar syrups that are used by bartenders in the Bay Area and around the country.

WIRED Interview with Jennifer Colliau

Bartender's Choice

Remember video stores with "Staff Picks" areas? This section is kind of like that, except every drink is an original created by one of the exceptional bartenders at The Interval. Each of us has specific cocktail interests, and here we share our creations with you.

Pictured here: I've Grown to Love Life Too Much

Navy Gimlet

high-proof gin and lime cordial, ice cold

Black Sand

blended scotch, raspberry gum syrup, orgeat and lime, over ice with cinnamon garnish

Four Ways to Play

rye whiskey, amaro and Cointreau with orange bitters, served over large ice with an orange twist

I've Grown to Love Life Too Much

cognac, spiced pear liqueur, creme de cacao, served neat with a sparkling wine back

Ben's Manual

rye, sherry, Drambuie, and sweet vermouth, served neat


blanco tequila, passionfruit, ginger, honey, lime, and bitters, served over ice

Drinking Around the World

Every culture has idiosyncratic drinks or ways of drinking that delight the locals yet remain little known to the rest of the world. Here we bring you some regional specialties that are celebrated outside our borders.

Pictured here: Mezcal, Bodega Style


Żubrówka and unfiltered apple juice, served tall with a slice of lemon

Mezcal, Bodega Style

Xicaru mezcal served with oranges and spicy sour tamarind salt on the side

Hacker Club

lime-infused Barbados rum with maté syrup and seltzer, served tall

Housemade Umeshu

shochu infused with Ume plums, served chilled

Daisies for All

The Daisy is a drink family rather than a specific cocktail, comprised of spirit, citrus, and a flavored syrup or liqueur rather than plain sugar. Historically the sweeteners were curaçao, yellow Chartreuse, raspberry syrup or grenadine (orgeat was added in 01928), and were often topped with seltzer. The quintessential example is the Margarita, the Spanish word for Daisy, with tequila, lime, and curaçao, served without seltzer.

Pictured here: Gin Daisy

Gin Daisy

gin, lemon, pineapple gum syrup, grenadine and seltzer, served tall

Twentieth Century

gin, lemon, Kina and crème de cacao, served up

Mexican Firing Squad Special

tequila, lime, grenadine, Angostura and orange bitters, served tall over crushed ice

Cameron's Kick

Irish and Scotch whiskies, orgeat and lemon, served up

Pan American Clipper

apple brandy, lime, grenadine and dashes of absinthe, served up

White Star Imperial Daisy

brandy, caraway and lemon, topped with sparkling wine

The Old Fashioned in All its Glory

The Old Fashioned is the original cocktail. Comprised of spirit, sugar, water and bitters, 200 years ago this was the civilized way to drink what was often rough, poorly distilled booze. As the story goes, once creative bartenders started serving fancier drinks and calling them cocktails, conventional drinkers asked for their whiskey "the old fashioned way" and the new moniker was born. "Fancy" and "Improved" versions call for small amounts of liqueurs or flavored syrups, but the Old Fashioned is at its heart spirit seasoned lightly.

Pictured here: Whiskey Cocktail

Decanted Mother-In-Law

bourbon, curaçao, maraschino, amer, Angostura and Peychaud’s bitters, served in an apothecary bottle

Whiskey Cocktail

bourbon, gum syrup and bitters, served on large ice with orange zest

Improved Calvados Cocktail

apple brandy with dashes of green Chartreuse, Bénédictine and bitters, on large ice with orange zest

Oaxacan Old Fashioned

tequila, mezcal, chile liqueur and chocolate bitters, served on large ice with orange zest

Baguio Skin

rum, gum syrup, lime zest and bitters, served up with freshly ground nutmeg

Wisconsin Old Fashioned

brandy, marasca cherry syrup, orange, bitters and a splash of soda, served over ice with cherries and an orange slice

The Fern Bar

Before the 01960s, bars were saloons: refuge for the dark, brooding men who drank their spirits neat, or with ice to be fancy.

Around 01965, a few well-lit bars in California and New York opened, showcasing classy furniture and domestic touches like doilies and ferns in an effort to bring in women customers. Coinciding with the sexual revolution and the invention of the birth control pill, Fern Bars became a sexy new place for women and men to mingle.

Classic Fern Bar drinks are the cocktail equivalent of comfort food: smooth and easy and uncomplicated. We, ahem, put more care into our versions than is historical, so you can enjoy this tradition without sacrificing good taste.

Pictured here: Harvey Bell-Ringer

Lemon Drop Shot

lemon zest-infused vodka, fresh lemon juice and clarified with milk, shaken and served as a shot with a sugared rim

Long Island Iced Tea

vodka, gin, rum, tequila, curaçao, lemon and cola, kegged and carbonated, served over ice


vodka, housemade coffee liqueur and the best rum cream liqueur you've ever had, blended with crushed ice and topped with a chocolate drizzle

Harvey Bell-Ringer

citrus vodka, orange juice, Galliano and milk, frozen and served in an apricot-brandy rinsed glass

Keoke Coffee

hot coffee with brandy, cacao and housemade coffee liqueur, topped with cold cocoa cream

Temperate and Teetotaling

Imbibing is often seen as part of the bar landscape, yet there are many times when we may want to go easy on our alcohol consumption or abstain completely without missing out on the social virtues of an evening get-together. Here we provide several options for the lower-octane occasion.

Pictured here: Jamaica Cooler & Bitter Orange Old Fashioned


Port Wine Sangaree

Port lightly adjusted with lemon and pineapple, served over crushed ice, dusting of nutmeg

Salted Plum Collins

shochu with infused plums, salt and seltzer, served tall

Araya Sunshine

Amaro Abano, Aperol, lemon and sparkling water, served up


Orgeat Lemonade

fresh lemon, almond syrup and sparkling water, served tall

Jamaica Cooler

hibiscus tisane, pineapple gum syrup, lemon juice and sparkling water

Bitter Orange Old Fashioned

Chinotto, dashes of bitters and a lemon peel, served over ice

Cranberry with Douglas Fir Shrub

tart berry shrub with our house sparkling water, served tall

Wine and Beer


Sparkling Wine

Agnes Paquet Cremant de Bourgogne NV


Domaine de la Guilloterie Chenin Blanc 02016
Didier Dauvissat Chablis 02016
Beau-Rivage Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc Blend 02016


Saint Ser Côtes de Provence 02016


Becker Landgraf Pinot Noir 02015
Pelissero Long Now Nebbiolo / Barbera 02005
Domaine Le Colombier Grenache/Syrah 02017
Domaine De La Bergerie Cabernet Blend 2016


Draught and Bottled

Dogfish Head Midas Touch, Delaware
Fort Point Westfalia Red, San Francisco
Golden State Cider, Sebastopol
Anchor California Lager, San Francisco
Tecate, Mexico
Fieldwork Brewing IPA, Berkeley
Modern Times Coffee Stout, San Diego
Ayinger Brau-Weisse, Germany

Long Now Spirits Tasting

St. George Spirits in Alameda graciously created three spirits for The Interval; they can be seen hanging in our bottle keep above you. A donation of $1500 to The Long Now Foundation gives you your own liter of gin, bourbon or single-malt whiskey, which we will pour straight or make cocktails with for you and your guests.

Long Now Spirits Tasting

1/2 oz. each: Bristlecone Gin; Single Malt Whiskey; California Straight Bourbon

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and Tea by Heart Roasters and Song Tea


Coffee by Heart Roasters

Single Origin Drip


Tea by Song Tea

Spicy Ginger and Lemon
Shan Lin Xi Winter Sprout
Song Red
Lishan Spring Orchid
Snow Jasmine


Spreads by Phoebe Foods

Served with crackers (gluten-free upon request)

Moroccan Carrot Hummus
Pimiento Pub Cheese
Smoked Trout

Assorted Olives

Spiced Pecans

Shortbreads by Batter Bakery

Beef Jerky


Hickory Smoked Meat Sticks



Sardines in Olive Oil
Squid in American Sauce