Picture of Todd Carnam, Beverage Director

Todd Carnam

Beverage Director

Todd took a more circuitous route than most to bartending, studying philosophy at Williams College before attempting a writing career--including earning an MFA at the University of Michigan in his late-20's--finally ending up in the world of craft cocktails just shy of his 40th birthday. In the end, he found the act of telling stories through cocktails to be too intoxicating, and this more immediate gratification hooked him when he joined the Interval team in 02014. Hired originally as a barback, he quickly made his way to bartender and then assistant manager, in which capacity he's helped to run the Interval over the past three years. Now, as Beverage Director, he looks forward to telling longer stories through entire menus, and menu changes through time.

The Bartenders

Each of the Interval's talented bartenders has specific cocktail interests. Some tend towards whiskey, others to agave or brandy; some prefer slow sippers, others drinks that are shaken and refreshing; some keep it simple, others gravitate towards the baroque and complex. In this, our most unique and personal section, we offer the creations of our very own bartenders, drinks they've conceived and labored over for weeks or sometimes months until, finally, they've achieved their vision.

Pictured here: I've Grown to Love Life Too Much

All Business

mezcal, amaro and bitters; served over large ice

Ben's Manual

rye, sherry, Drambuie and sweet vermouth; served down

Foregone Conclusion

mezcal, raspberry, lime and amaro; served tall over crushed ice

Four Ways to Play

rye, amaro, curaçao and bitters; served over large ice with an orange twist

I've Grown to Love Life Too Much

cognac, spiced pear liqueur and creme de cacao; served neat with a sparkling wine back


blanco tequila, passionfruit, ginger, honey, lime and bitters; served over ice

New York, New York, New York, New York, New York

Known as the Capital of the 20th century, as the Island off the Coast of America, as Gotham--the great city on the other side of our continent has been a towering presence in the history of the cocktail. Included in this section is a smattering of drinks inspired by, and/or conjured in, New York City, ranging from the distant (The Bronx) to the recent (Penicillin) past, from the well (Cosmopolitan) to the lesser (The Slope) known.

Pictured here: Old Cuban


dry and aged gins, Italian and blanc vermouths, orange, lemon and marmalade; served up


citrus vodka, curaçao, lime, cranberry and simple; served up

Long Island Iced Tea

vodka, gin, rum, tequila, curaçao, lemon and cola, kegged and carbonated; served over ice

Old Cuban

aged rum, lime, sparkling wine, cane and mint; served up with a mint garnish


scotch, lemon, ginger and honey; served over ice with Laphroaig spray garnish

The Slope

rye, Punt e Mes and apricot; served up

All the Attractions of the Next World

Not to be outdone in this--or really any--realm of sybaritic indulgence, San Francisco has its own long chapter in the history of the cocktail. From the Gilded Age's Boothby to modern but oft-overlooked classics such as the Cable Car, our fair city's bartenders have played an outsized role in both the birth and resurrection of the cocktail, time and again proving true Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray line that ours is a 'delightful city,' possessed of 'all the attractions of the next world.'

Pictured here: International Orange


sparkling wine, Italian vermouth, bourbon and bitters; served up with a brandied cherry

Cable Car

spiced rum, curaçao, lemon and simple; served over ice, with a cinnamon-sugar rim

Ginger Rogers

gin, lemon, ginger, black pepper syrup and mint; kegged and carbonated, served over crushed ice

International Orange

aged gin, Italian vermouth and bitter apéritif; served up

Pisco Punch

Pisco, lemon and pineapple gum; served up

Tommy's Margarita

aged and blanco tequilas, lime and agave; served over ice

Seeds from the Vault

Pre-Prohibition cocktails weren't limited merely to Martinis and Manhattans and Old-fashioneds; to the contrary, the years leading up to 01920 were rich loam for bartenders, bed to a wide and variegated miscellany of seeds. In this section, we offer a rotating repository of rare and/or important old cocktails that often have eluded the attention of the general population. In true Long Now fashion, we feel there's no better way to pay tribute to the recent efflorescence of the cocktail's new flora than to unearth and help preserve its rarer but ever worthy antecedents.

Pictured here: Clover Club

Brandy Milk Punch

brandy, rum, milk, orgeat and cream; served over ice with nutmeg garnish

Clover Club

old tom gin, lemon, raspberry gum, blanc vermouth and egg white; served up with nutmeg garnish

Old Pal

bourbon, dry vermouth and bitter apéritif; served up


cognac, bourbon, crème de menthe and bitters; served down on large ice

Whiskey Smash

bourbon, lemon, mint and gum syrup; served over ice with mint sprig garnish

Time Capsule (02014-02018)

Since the Interval first opened in 02014, dozens of cocktails from former Beverage Director Jennifer Colliau have wended their way into our guests' hearts, some for just a night, some for weeks and months on end. A few, however, became iconic, so inseparable from the space and concept of The Interval that to no longer offer them would be unthinkable. Jennifer has moved on from The Interval--to open her own bar, Here's How, in Oakland--but the drinks in this section are all hers, or bear her inimitable stamp.

Pictured here: Ponche de Granada with Pecans

Decanted Mother-In-Law

bourbon, curaçao, maraschino, amer and bitters; served in an apothecary bottle

Hacker Club

lime-infused Barbados rum, maté syrup and soda water; served over ice

Mexican Firing Squad Special

tequila, lime, grenadine, simple and bitters; served over crushed ice

Navy Gimlet

high-proof gin and lime cordial; served up

Oaxacan Old Fashioned

tequila, mezcal, chile liqueur and bitters; served on large ice with orange zest

Ponche de Granada with Pecans

silver tequila aged with pomegranate juice; served room temperature with spiced pecans

Temperate and Teetotaling

Imbibing is often seen as part of the bar landscape, yet there are many times when we may want to go easy on our alcohol consumption or abstain completely without missing out on the social virtues of an evening get-together. Here we provide several options for the lower-octane occasion.

Pictured here: Jamaica Cooler & Bitter Orange Old Fashioned


Port Wine Sangaree

Port wine, lemon and pineapple gum syrup; served over crushed ice with nutmeg garnish

Araya Sunshine

Amaro Abano, Aperol, lemon and sparkling water; served up


Orgeat Lemonade

lemon, almond syrup and sparkling water; served over ice

Jamaica Cooler

hibiscus tisane, pineapple gum syrup, lemon juice and sparkling water

Bitter Orange Old Fashioned

Chinotto and bitters; served over ice with orange zest

Cranberry Shrub with Douglas Fir

tart berry shrub and house sparkling water; served over ice

Garden & Tonic

Seedlip Garden and tonic syrup with our house sparkling water; served over ice

Wine and Beer


Sparkling Wine

Roederer Estate, NV
Gruet Brut Rose, NV


Didier Dauvissat Chablis 02016
Beau-Rivage Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc Blend 02016
Woodenhead French Colombard 02016


Saint Ser Côtes de Provence 02017


Becker Landgraf Pinot Noir 02015
Pelissero Long Now Nebbiolo / Barbera 02005
Domaine Le Colombier Grenache/Syrah 02017
Domaine de la Bergerie Cabernet Blend 02016


Draught and Bottled

Dogfish Head Midas Touch
Fort Point Westfalia Red
Golden State Cider
Anchor California Lager
Fieldwork Brewing IPA
Modern Times Coffee Stout
Ayinger Brau-Weisse
Laughing Monk Pilsner

Long Now Spirits Tasting

St. George Spirits in Alameda graciously created three spirits for The Interval; they can be seen hanging in our bottle keep above you. A donation of $1500 to The Long Now Foundation gives you your own liter of gin, bourbon or single-malt whiskey, which we will pour straight or make cocktails with for you and your guests.

Long Now Spirits Tasting

1/2 oz. each: Bristlecone Gin; Single Malt Whiskey; California Straight Bourbon

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and Tea by Heart Roasters and Song Tea


Coffee by Heart Roasters

Single Origin Drip


Tea by Song Tea

Spicy Ginger and Lemon
Shan Lin Xi Winter Sprout
Song Red
Lishan Spring Orchid
Snow Jasmine


Spreads by Phoebe Foods

Served with crackers (gluten-free upon request)

Moroccan Carrot Hummus
Pimiento Pub Cheese
Smoked Trout

Assorted Olives

Spiced Pecans

Shortbreads by Batter Bakery

Beef Jerky


Hickory Smoked Meat Sticks



Sardines in Olive Oil
Squid in American Sauce