Picture of Todd Carnam, Beverage Director

Ty Caudle

Beverage Director

Ty spent years catering, voraciously reading cocktail books and bartending manuals, before breaking into the industry. He joined The Interval in 02016 as Lead Bartender under the tutelage of Jennifer Colliau. Now, as Beverage Director, he welcomes the responsibility of honoring the artisans behind every ingredient served at The Interval.

Time Capsule (02014-02020)

Since the Interval first opened in 02014, dozens of cocktails from former Beverage Directors Jennifer Colliau and Todd Myles Carnam have wended their way into our guests’ hearts, some for just a night, some for weeks and months on end. A few, however, became iconic, so inseparable from the space and concept of The Interval that to no longer offer them would be unthinkable. Jennifer and Todd have moved on from The Interval but the drinks in this section all bear their inimitable stamp.

Pictured here: International Orange

Decanted Mother-In-Law

bourbon, curaçao, maraschino, amer and bitters; served in an apothecary bottle

I’ve Grown To Love Life Too Much

cognac, spiced pear liqueur and creme de cacao; served neat with a pour of sparkling wine on the side

International Orange

aged gin, Italian vermouth, bitter apéritif and bitters; served up

Navy Gimlet

high-proof gin and lime cordial; served up

Old Dutch

old & young Genever, Italian vermouth, Gran Classico; aged in a Sherry-seasoned barrel and served on the rocks

Shut Up & Play the Hits

Where would we be without those that came before us? An attempt to pay humble tribute to the brilliance of our predecessors, this section includes a rotation of greatest hits from Interval alumni and menus past, a compelling breadth of offerings to satisfy all palates.

Pictured here: Four Ways to Play


reposado tequila, honey, lemon and Cynar; served on the rocks

Four Ways to Play

rye whiskey, amaro, curaçao and orange bitters; served on slanted ice with an orange twist

Hacker Club

lime-infused rums, maté syrup and seltzer; served tall

Interval Spritz

Aperol, Prosecco, Campari, clarified lemon, grapefruit oleo and seltzer; carbonated

Oaxacan Old Fashioned

reposado tequila, mezcal, Ancho Reyes, agave, chocolate bitters; served on slanted ice

Three Word Title

vodka, Prosecco, passionfruit, almond, lime and cinnamon; carbonated

The Bartenders

Each of the Interval’s talented bartenders has specific cocktail interests. Some tend towards whiskey, others to gin or brandy; some prefer slow sippers, others drinks that are shaken and refreshing; some keep it simple, others gravitate towards the baroque and complex. In this, our most unique and personal section, we offer the creations of our very own bartenders, drinks they’ve conceived and labored over for weeks or sometimes months until, finally, they’ve achieved their vision.

Pictured here: Black Sand

Black Sand

blended scotch, raspberry, almond, cinnamon and lime; served over ice

Looks Like Rain

cinnamon mezcal, lime, maraschino and Creme de Violette; served over ice


Belizean and Guyanese rums, Italian vermouth, makrut lime and Angostura; served over ice

Sunlight On A Foggy Afternoon

Maryland Rye OR Cachaça, lemon and lime, Amaro Nonino, ginger and Creole bitters; served over ice

The Blanket Fort

shiso Bourbon, Armagnac, China China Amer, Kina Lillet and orange bitters; served up

Booze Free

Pictured here: Bitter Orange Old Fashioned

Asimov’s Crater

Lyre’s Italian Spritz, pineapple, almond and lime; served up

Bitter Orange Old Fashioned

Chinotto and bitters; served over ice with orange zest

Cranberry Douglas Fir Shrub

tart vinegar-based shrub and seltzer; served tall

Hella Cocktail Co. Aromatic Spritz

cinnamon, star anise, gentian root and rose hips; served over ice

Spicy Ginger Honey Lemon Tea

refreshing and invigorating; served hot

Mikkeller Limbo Raspberry N/A Flemish Ale

Berliner Weisse with cranberry and passion fruit

Untitled Art Juicy N/A IPA

Wine and Beer


Sparkling Wine

Giavi Prosecco Superiore Brut NV
Ultraviolet Sparkling Rosé NV
Liébart-Régnier Instinct L Extra Brut NV


Ameztoi Geteriako Txakolina 02020
Domaine Hervé Azo Chardonnay 02018


Scribe Una Lou Rosé of Pinot Noir 02021


Ultraviolet Cabernet Sauvignon 02020
Deux Punx Old Vine Zinfandel 02020


Draught and Bottled

Alvarado Street Monterey Beer - 12oz, 4.5%
Other Brother Heerman’s Lager Czech Pilsner - 16oz, 4.8%
Alvarado Street Mai Tai West Coast IPA - 16oz, 6.5%
Calidad Mexican-style Lager - 16oz, 4.5%
Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast Coffee Stout - 16oz, 7.5%
Mikkeller Limbo Raspberry N/A Flemish Ale - 12oz, 0.3%
Alvarado Street Juice Bumps Hazy IPA - 16oz, 8.0%
Alvarado Street Pink Limo Dads - 16oz, 8.0%
Mission-Trail Quince Neil - 16oz, 5.0%
Pacifica Brewery Billowing Hefeweizen - 16oz, 5.1%
Tag + Jug Cold Coldie Dry Cider - 12oz, 7.1%
Untitled Art N/A Hazy IPA - 12oz, 0.3%

Long Now Spirits Tasting

St. George Spirits in Alameda graciously created three spirits for The Interval; they can be seen hanging in our bottle keep above you. A donation of $1500 to The Long Now Foundation gives you your own liter of gin, bourbon or single-malt whiskey, which we will pour straight or make cocktails with for you and your guests.

Long Now Spirits Tasting

1/2 oz. each: Bristlecone Gin, Single Malt Whiskey, and California Straight Bourbon

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and Tea by Cute Coffee and Song Tea


Coffee by Cute Coffee

Single Origin Drip


Tea by Song Tea

Fragrant Leaf
Nantou Dark
Spicy Ginger and Lemon
Shan Lin Xi Winter Sprout
Fifty Eight