Bottle, Flask, or Coin

How The Interval Was Built

Construction of The Interval has been generously funded by a community of over 1,200 individual supporters. By making a largely tax deductible donation you can support our programming and project development.

Support The Interval

The Bottle Reserve was largely made possible through the generosity and creativity of St. George Spirits, who developed three exclusive spirits for our donors. Supporters giving $1,500 or more can reserve a bottle of exclusive gin, bourbon, or single malt whiskey made just for The Interval and are only available through this program. You can also show your support for The Interval by making a donation at the $100-$200 level to receive a stainless steel Flask or Challenge Coin.


Reserve a bottle of exclusive spirits

$1500 Donation
Sold Out

Bottle Keep



Laser engraved flask by Areaware

$200 Donation

Engraved Flask



Long Now stainless challenge coin

$100 Donation

Challenge Coin


Donors will have an opportunity to taste these three spirit options before making a decision. Refills are available with a donation of $500.

All donations are tax-deductible less the value of goods received.

A Long Tradition

History of Bottle Reserves in Japan

In the Japanese tradition of "bottle keep" patrons purchase an entire bottle of spirit that will be kept at the bar for them to drink on subsequent visits. For the customer it’s a convenience and a commitment: confirming they will return many times to enjoy their investment. We recognized this tradition of paying forward, as a great model to help raise funds to launch The Interval. Celebrated craft distiller St. George Spirits worked with us to create three unique liquors worthy of our donors generosity.